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Here's another one: I have a NR Strada crank whose spider is built to accomodate a single chainring only - i.e., no inside lower ledge to fit the inner ring onto. It is labeled Strada but is built like a Pista. The symbols are 0 inside a circle. Always wondered about this ... any idea? Dan Borden Brookline, MA

At 8:52 PM -0700 10/24/01, Mark Bulgier wrote:
>Hey I was just perusing the Campy timeline for the umpteenth time and was
>reminded of another question I've always wondered about. Quoting from
> Starting in 1973, the crank arms have a code consisting of a
> diamond (1970's), circle (1980's), square (late Super Record),
> with a number in the center denoting the last digit of the
> year of manufacture.
>So what does it mean when there's an eleven (11) in a square? This is on a
>grooved arm, so not late Super Record of the smooth non-grooved variety.


>Mark Bulgier

>Seattle, Wa