[CR]Comments from the peanut gallery/SD Vintage ride 10-28

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Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 10:49:33 -0800
From: "Brian Baylis" <rocklube@adnc.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Comments from the peanut gallery/SD Vintage ride 10-28

High Gang,

Just thought I'd file a report on one of the more unique San Diego Vintage rides we've had so far. We enjoyed the out-of-town company of Mark Petry who joined us thanks to a loaned bike from Charles Andrews. Chuck Schmidt joined us as well and the "usual crowd" was almost complete. One new person I'd never met was there and recent list joiner Howard LaGrange appeared for the first time. Howard rode his Ron Kitching bike in accordance with the British theme. Howard has some VERY cool bikes; most of which he purchased new "back in the good old days" and still has them! Wait until he brings out some more of his stuff, you'll all be impressed.

Thanks to Sterlings "taunting", I did indeed bring my 1990 Bob Jackson racing trike (don't call it a tricycle within earshot of me if you know wat's good for you) to ride for the first time in a few years. Due to the hills on our route, I opted to fit a triple crankset (28-39-53 rings) and a 7 spd. FW with a 12-30 combination. I've only ridden this comtraption on flat time trials and a few short flat rides in the past. I've never taken her out on the open road with difficult terrain. Everybody on the ride was anxious to watch me plunge down thru the steep hairpin turns in Presidio Park; everyone riding BEHIND me so as to get a prime view as I sailed off the road and got bisected by the guardrail halfway down the hill. Never having done this before I proceeded with due caution, you know, large chainring and small cog like a bat out of hell. Apparently it was scary to watch as my rear wheels flexed in every imaginal direction and my front wheel shimmied as if having a siezure as I hung my ass off the bike in an effort to get the beast to co-operate with my plan to live to see the bottom of the decent; hoping that when I got there the feeble (two front) brakes labored to comlpy. In the middle of the decent there is a switchback that requires that you first hang off to the left side then immediately swith and hang off the right side. The problem (I realized in mid attempt to shift my weight) is that inertia is resisting this manuver and that the higher you are over the bike the more likely one is to tip over at speed. I learned instantly to stay low and pray to (pick Diety of choice) or kiss you ass goodbye. I didn't even have to change my shorts afterwards, although I came close for an instant. After surviving that, I felt confident I could make the turn on the downhill run back from the lighthouse with no problem; which was indeed the case. Chuck and I blasted down the hill; Chuck flailing his 88" fixed gear for all he was worth (just short of the legs seperating from the hip joint and swinging wildly from the crankarms) and me sucking his wheel in 53-13 on my trike. Must have been an odd scene for anyone watching this reenactment of the Keystone Kops. By the time we made it to Anthonys' for lunch I was completely whipped. Forcing that pig up the climb to the lighthouse was brutal, although I never got to the 28T chainring I did use the 39-30 gear at some point. Sterling bought me lunch as promised. Man, am I stupid. By the time I got home I felt as if I had been mauled my baboons and treated like a Samsonite suitcase! I was almost too whipped to keep my eyes open long enough for the Chargers to barely squeek a win out against Buffalo (big rival thing with the quarterback or something). Too tired to eat. Riding sideways most of the time to counteract the crown of the road, being tossed back and forth due to having outboard wheels, and towing the weight of a tandem bike with no one to help from behind all make for a pleasant outing. Thanks a lot, STERLING. I will get even; my ass feels like I ride a barrel catus for 25 miles! You just wait.

There's a pretty good chance I'll be attending the Rose Bowl Vintage ride next week. I just have to solve one small problem and I'll be free to go. Anyway, had a great time this past Sunday and I hope anyone who is in San Diego during one of our rides can join us as Mark did; or if you're within reasonable driving distance that you hook up with us whenever you can. You will not find a friendlier crowd to hop nob old bikes with than this crew. We even have a class clown!

Brian Baylis
Sore Ass in La Mesa, CA