Re: [CR]Masi Being Imported by Performance??

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Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 22:18:18 -0800
From: Jim Allen <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Masi Being Imported by Performance??
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Mondonico made Team 3v's under contract with Masi USA and later, importer Torelli, as well as 3v's and Gran Criteriums Most of the the Team 3v's were finished in Italy. and I have no idea of how many or what years - I only saw them when they needed to be repainted or repaired. Perfomance may have bought the remaining stock from Torelli when they ceased distribution.

OK, just looked at

Definitely looks like one of the Team 3v's built by Mondonico.

All the Mondonico built frames that I saw had no serial number, but had the frame size stamped in the form: 60M7

Which indicated 60cm M for Mondonico ( the "M" appeared to be an upside down "W") 7 for 1997

All the Mondonico frames that I painted or repainted for Torelli in addition had a serial number stamped in them in the form: 97001 97 for 1997 001 first frame for that year.

Later, Jim Allen San Marcos, CA

PS, don't hold your breath, but American made 3vs are a long term possibility

As far as I know, the Gran Corsas and Nuova Stradas were made by another builder. wrote:
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> writes:
> << I thought that I heard that they'd picked up the last of the older Masis?
> Their website shows a 3V and says specifically that it's made in Italy: >>
> Hmmm. Maybe I spoke too quickly.
> Performance COULD have bought up a batch of the old allegedly Mondonico-made
> Masis that Schwinn was trying to sell. I guess that goes back maybe two-three
> years ago (Jim Allen sure could tell us!) when Schwinn had the distribution
> rights to Masi.
> I saw a number of those frames and (sorry) was "underwhelmed" Finish and
> construction details were slapdash in my opinion, obviously made to a price,
> so to speak... And definitely a huge step down in refinement from previous
> USA Masi and even Alfredo supplied bikes.



> Dale Brown

> Greensboro, NC