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Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2001 00:01:54 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Cuevas timeline

Lou and gang

I had the good fortune to meet Sr. Cuevas in 1983. I had a dent in the top tube of my Colnago. I called him ( his shop was in Astoria at the time), and asked if he would fix it and paint my frame. He invited me down, and was most pleasant. He said he could fix it one of two ways: plug both ends of the top tube and pump in oil and pressure it up until the dent popped out, or braze on a nipple, and pull the dent out with a vice grip. He said either way, I would not be able to tell. He did the braze and pull method, and painted my bike a georgeous, seamless, light blue to dark blue fade. (although I think his son Andreas might have done the spray) Then I got the tour of the shop: his work was outstanding to my eyes. He had one frame he did with brass buildups in increments in circles around the tubes, which were to look like bamboo. He then painted the frame in bamboo colors, added a Campy N R group, and wow a lugged bamboo frame. Wonder where that is today. Oh, the cost of the fix? $135, he turned it around in about two weeks.
   Fun stuff. Mark Rosenberg San Diego, CA