Re: [CR]Crescent "cruiser" project?

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From: "Olof Stroh" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Crescent "cruiser" project?
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2001 20:33:38 +0100

Anonymus wrote:

> Here is a fairly wild looking Crescent up on eBay:
> I think it would make a dandy cruiser project for someone so inclined. Can't
> tell if it is lugged or not Does that BB height look awfully tall to the rest
> of you? Also curious about that ashtabula-style crankset.
> Neat bike. Anyone ever seen one of these in the
> U.S.?

Don´t know about the US, but in Sweden, sure. The bike is Monark- Crescents "training racer" from the early 70´s. In my "Racerdepån" catalogue from 1972 it´s 218 SEK, that is $40 (frame). The Pepita model in Reynolds tubing was 257 SEK. This one was welded steel tubes, heavier than the Pepita, but very close in geometry. Huret fork ends.

The bike on ebay sports CLB Racer centerpulls, Simplex Prestige mechs and a Simplex steeel chainwheel-combo of probably 50/45 teeth with a Fauber steel crank (astabula style) which also means a bb of bigger diameter than the Pepita modell. All very common on this bike when sold as a built-up.

The size is 19" as seen by the bowed tube, it was also sold in 21", 22½" and 24", all with straight tubes.

I owned two (three) of these. My son got a blue Monark-labeled when he grow up to full size wheels, my daughter an orange Crescent, both bowed tube 19"s. I did myself for some years use the same frame in a brown Crescent-labeled 24" sport-touring bike. As a sporty utility it was very nice, but for my children it was a little to stretched out in the beginning.


Olof Stroh
Uppsala Sweden