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Hi CR folks,

The JUY Record 60 that sold was a rarer model that had the simplex badge on it. The unbadged model is actually not super rare in used condition as it appeared on a number of Urago bikes that made it to the US in 1960 or so.

The JUY 60 and the 543 were extremely well made and seem to survive intact on bikes that otherwise have been decimated by time and wear. They also represent the final evolution of French racing deraillieurs just before the dawn of the evil plastic. Other French parts of the time were also extremely highly evolved. Prior hubs spin at least as well as Campy (and lets not even start to consider Maxicar), the Stronglite 57 and 63 cranks were fine performers, and, as much as I hate to say it, well set-up Mafac brakes can really smoke Campy. In other words, a bike in 1960 equipped with these goodies is a formidable machine that really could challange a Campy machine. After seeing an early Peugeot with similar parts fetch these dollars, and knowing of a similarly equipped Herse that sold for significant dollars with such parts, it is clear that there is a following for these machines. Think of it, Campy NR/SR bikes had an 18 year run. There was perhaps 4 years of glory for the final evolution of these french race bikes. These bikes are rare and the parts that make them up are highly sought after.

Finally, the prices we're seeing are in no way record breaking. One could look at the price sheets from dealers in the US that specialized to some extent selling these same items. One would see that for years, the prices that we're now seeing on ebay are simply the norm.

Mike "hoarding old Urago's" Kone

At 02:39 AM 12/2/01 -0500, Questor wrote:
>Closing price for the single JUY derailleur was over $1300, a new record in
>my book for an Ebay bike part sale... for that price differential, maybe I
>could sell them the Brooklyn bridge <USA inside joke> if they have money to
>spend like that???
>Regards, Steve
>"Astounded in Cincinnati"
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>> With a little over an hour to go this derailleur is up to $930.00........
>> Dale Brown
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