Re: [CR]Simplex Criterium/was Burning Simplex Memories

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Subject: Re: [CR]Simplex Criterium/was Burning Simplex Memories
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 21:24:57 -0500

The Simplex Criterium also had forged jockey wheel cages and ball bearing jockey wheels in place of the Prestiges' stamped steel cages and bronze bushing jockey wheels. In my opinion, this made a world of difference in the performance of the unit - very precise. I know that many on the list don't have positve thoughts regarding the Simplex units. I must say though, in my 25 years of cycling, it has been done mostly with Simplex Criterium units and they have always performed very well for me. They certainly weigh less then a Campagnolo NR rear derailleur and are part of why the Peugeot PX-10E was among the lightest - and least expensive - full Reynolds 531DB framed bicycles of the early 70's.

Eric "first bike love was/is French" Elman Somers, CT
> My recollection is that the prestige was different then the criterium-the
> criterium had reinforcing steel plates on the side of the derailleur.
> Whereas the prestige did not. Your recollection may vary