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Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 09:20:35 -0500
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Items for Sale

Complete Bikes - all frames are measured center to center
> Alpine - Alpine frames were built by Fred Kelly in the early to mid 80's.
> He was located in the Maryland/Washington area. Fred Kelly consulted Tom
> Kellogg when he first started his business. Consequently, Alpine frames
> have a similar look to early Tom Kellogg frames. The workmanship is very
> clean. 52cm Seat tube, 53m Top tube, Campy SR HS, (Suntour Superbe
> cranks, seat post, pedals, R + F. derailleurs), Suntour Sprint hubs with
> Wolber TX profile clincher rims (Aero profile), Columbus tubing, light
> metallic blue paint, Cinelli bars and stem, Suntour brake levers, Modolo
> Special calipers, Selle San Marco saddle There is a chip in the paint on
> the point of the seat lug. $725 - email for photos
> Tom Kellogg - circa 1980, 57cm Seat tube x 57cm Top tube, Campy SR reduced
> grouppo, SL pedals, Campy low flange hubs w Mavic GP4 tubular rims, Avocet
> saddle, Cinelli bars & stem, Silca pump painted to match w/ metal Campy
> head. This was owned by a friend, he rode it for 3 or four years and
> retired the bike in 1984, it has been sitting ever since. It was
> repainted a metallic blue by Tom Kellogg when Tom was transitioning the
> business name to Spectrum. As a result, Tom only had black outlined "Tom
> Kellogg" decals. They don't show up well on the blue paint so my friend
> painted on top of the decal with yellow paint - go figure! $1200 - email
> for photos
> Richard Sachs - 54.5cm Seat tube, 54.5cm Top tube, Campy SR reduced, SL
> pedals, Concor America saddle, Campy low flange hubs with Mavic GP4
> tubular rims, Vittoria Criterium Super tubulars, Cinelli bars & stem,
> Silca pump painted to match w/plastic Campy head, (braze-on shifters, TT
> cable guides, f. derail, DT water bottle bosses) I brought this frame a
> few years ago and it had never been built up, it does have some shop wear.
> I assembled with Campy grouppo that is part NOS and some that was barely
> used. I've never ridden the bike, it is extremely clean, it looks like
> new. $1800 - email for photos
> Frames - all frames are measured center to center
> Ferrari - 52.5cm ST, 53cm TT, unknown Italian frame with Ferrari decals,
> very unique lug cut outs, Campy dropouts, chrome fork crown, Braze on
> cable guides on top of BB for shift cables and cable stop on top of r.
> chainstay. (No water bottle, shifter, or top tube cable guides braze-ons)
> The story I was told - a California bike ship in the LA area brought in
> these frames from Italy and sold them without decals. I've never seen
> another Italian frame with these lug cutouts. $175 - email for photos
> Jack Taylor - 53cm ST, 54cm TT, Curved seat tube, semi-vertical rear
> dropouts, cantilever bosses front and rear. Someone had brazed on a front
> derailleur hanger that was so incredibly hideous, I removed it. The frame
> needs paint. Based on the serial #, I dated the frame circa 1984. $350 -
> email for photos
> Medici - Touring Frame, 54cm ST, 55.5cm TT, (Braze-on TT cable guides,
> pump hanger under TT, shifter bosses, fender eyelets front and rear, also
> rack mounts in rear, 2 sets of water bottle braze-ons on DT & ST) Phil
> Wood sealed Bottom bracket - Italian thread, chrome fork, Silca pump
> painted to match w/plastic Campy head, Black Medici engraved 3TTT stem -
> 11cm, there are a few paint chip, scuffs near rack mounts, otherwise very
> good all-around, $350 - email for photos
> Parts
> * Gipiemme Special Cranks, 170mm, 53/42, very clean, like new $90
> * Lyotard pedals, missing one dust cap $30
> Alfredo Binda extra straps, white NOS, still in package $50
> Teledyne titanium BB spindle, 68-R-160, unused $100
> Campy Ti BB spindle with alloy cups, 68-P-120, cups - 1.370" x 24 TPI, NOS
> no package $150
> Campy BB triple spindle, 70 x SS x 3 $75
> Campy BB triple spindle, 68 x SS x 3 $50
> Campy SR Ti spindle track pedals, used, scuffed on corners of cage, used
> by Criterium rider that could really corner, $75
> Campy SR Ti spindle track pedals, Alloy Campy toe clips, Binda extra white
> straps, excellent condition, pedals are used but no wear, near mint
> condition, $200
> Campy SL track pedals, steel spindles, Christophe steel toe clips, no
> straps, very good condition, $115
> British Airlite hubs, rear very good condition, front hub's chrome is
> pitted, no axles, hub bodies only, $40
> Regina Futura Freewheel kit w/ wooden case and red felt lining, 1 body and
> 3 - 6-speed cassettes, 1 freewheel removal tool, I've never used it buy at
> your own risk! $30
> Reynolds 853 tubeset - all tubes needed to build a frame, CX2200, CX2280,
> DX2300, BX2100, AX2000, GX2600 seatstays, chainstays $125
> Campy track dropouts front and rear $30
> Campy low flange hubs, 32h, British 1.370" x 24TPI, 126mm, NOS in box $165
> Campy low flange hubs, 32h, British 1.370" x 24TPI, 126mm, NOS in box $165
> Campy SR braze-on front derail, NOS in the box, $65
> Cinelli steel road stem w/ brass badge, 1 of the badges brass screws has
> half of the head broken off, chrome is in good shape, the badge is faded
> $75
> * C-Record Track Grouppo - 165mm cranks, 50T chainring, BB, HS, Regina
> CX chain, C-Record 32h track hubs w/Mavic GL 330 tubular rims - tied and
> soldered, 16T Campy cog, Vittoria Corsa CX tubulars, 27.2 seatpost, I used
> this for two to three years, very light wear, everything is very clean,
> wheels were built by Michael Johnson at Wheelfine cycles in Lambertville,
> NJ Michael has built for the Olympics etc. he is one of the best. $650
> Campy 172.5 cranks, used in good shape, scuffed on arms from toe straps,
> cranks arms only, $100
> Phil Wood 40h sealed hubs, rear hubs comes with locknuts, front hub w/QR
> $50
> Columbus Air seatpost, NOS in box $75
> NOTE: If I don't get asking price then I will consider best offer.
> Contact - Russell W. Howe
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> russell.howe@ps.ge.com (Email here for photos)
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