[CR]Aluminum Fender Mania - for sale!

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Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2001 10:39:00 -0700
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: "Bicycle Classics inc" <bikevint@tiac.net>
Subject: [CR]Aluminum Fender Mania - for sale!

On the day that Bicycle Classics inc. announces we're going out of business, we find out they finally landed in the US...

The fenders are here! The fenders are here!

In celebration of our liquidation, we just learned that a huge shipment of aluminum fenders we ordered months ago will arrive at our door in the next week just in time for the holiday. This is the only shipment of the high-end Honjo fenders that we know of to arrive in the US and we are taking most of them (a few are initially going to other dealers).

There will be some hammered 650b/26" ones at $ 85 per pair. There are also a few really narrow "hot rod" hammered 700c fenders that everyone has been asking about. Those are also $ 85 per pair. We also have a re-stock on the popular wider 700c hammerd fenders that work so well on frames such as a Rivendell Long-Low or a Waterford Adventure cycle. Those we have a few more of and therefore the liquidation monster kicks in and their priced at $ 65 per pair!

We still have some narrow 27" smooth fenders that also work fine for 700c - those are now priced at only $ 55 per pair.

Finally, Herse and Singer fans we hope you're seated. There are also a few of the 43mm smooth aluminum fenders made to look just like the original french fenders that Herse and Singer used. We've never had these before and these are the most authentic looking fender available on the planet (except the originals) for late 60's and 70's French bikes. These fenders are the creme-de-le-creme and we only have a limited amount that are unspoken for. They are $ 95 per pair.

Note that our plan is not to reduce price on these as our liquidation progresses. In general fenders can be a pain to pack ($7 fixed shipping to most locations) so we will probably wholesale off the remaining stock at some point (so they'll go back into circulation again but at a typical retail price).

Thanks again everyone - and keep checking the web site at bicycleclassics.com as xmas sale and liqidation preperations proceed! Mike Kone, in sunny but cold Boulder Colorado

PS Note our current hours: tuesday 12-5, W Th F 12-6 and Sat 12-5.