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Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 22:32:01 -0600
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>Anybody have bio information on Clifford L. Graves? He was one of my heroes
>when I started riding and reading about riding in the early 70's. He's got a
>couple of good articles in that Krausz & Krausz gem The Bicycling Book (1982)
>and is mentioned in Roger St. Pierre's The Book of Bicycling (1973).
>Apparently cycled his way thru WW 2 including riding away from a line of
>Panzers at the onset of the Bulge (I'd like to see John Wayne do that). Any
>leads appreciated.
> Craig Montgomery
> Tucson
> 32 without windchill on ride to work
>this morning


sure it's too obvious but what about "My Life on Two Wheels" by Clifford L. Graves?

from back jacket flap:

"The book is published in a limited edition of 1000 copies. it is printed on a heavy book stock and sewn into a cloth cover. the volume contains 324 pages of text and illustrations organized into 25 chapters with an appendix of the most popular bicycle tours of the International Bicycle Touring Society.

"The book introduction by Owen Mullholland identifies Clifford L. Graves' work as a benchmark in the literature of bicyling and bicycle touring."


there's an account of tank vs bike in the early pages...Dr Graves apparently a cool head under fire....

hope this has helped,

dave dickerson
Austin, TX