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I met Dr. Graves several times on Los Angeles Wheelmen rides in the 1970's. Somewhere recently I found an address for the publisher of his book. I have never written to see if the address is active anymore, but who knows: Dr. Clifford Graves' book published by Manivelle Press, P.O. Box 2220 La Jolla, CA 92038

David Feldman
Vancouver, WA

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<< Anybody have bio information on Clifford L. Graves? He was one of my heroes when I started riding and reading about riding in the early 70's. He's got a couple of good articles in that Krausz & Krausz gem The Bicycling Book (1982) and is mentioned in Roger St. Pierre's The Book of Bicycling (1973). Apparently cycled his way thru WW 2 including riding away from a line of Panzers at the onset of the Bulge (I'd like to see John Wayne do that). Any leads appreciated. Craig Montgomery Tucson 32 without windchill on ride to work this morning >>

Hello Gang, I am interested in Clifford Graves as well. He wrote and autobiography published just before his death. He rode the Paris Brest Paris with some friends of mine in the mid 1970's. I never met him but and rode with many of his friends and the history for those interested in such things are very interesting. He was quite a character to some folks.

He was a Rene Herse fanatic and often presold bikes to friends to pickup on arrival in Paris for International Bicycle Touring Society trips based in France I am told.

I'd love to get the source of the autobiography if anyone out there knows.

Yours in cycling,

Gilbert Anderson

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