[CR]Dr. Clifford Graves

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From: Sterling Peters <sterlingpeters@hotmail.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2001 21:04:27 -0800
Subject: [CR]Dr. Clifford Graves

I have a friend who grew up in San Diego ( La Jolla ) and worked at the shop owned by Dr. Graves. He used to go to Paris with " The Group " every Spring. Typically members would pick up their custom made Herse Camping or Tandem , Globe trotter etc..price back then early 60's was $110.00 for the custom bike and all the goodies. Then they would tour all over France and other parts of Europe on their new bikes. I may put some members in touch with my friend at a later date , right now I've got to find out where in La Jolla all those Herse bikes are buried , including that Trike Brian Baylis wants to find. I've tried to get him to come out on our San Diego Vintage rides but he is only interested in the "New" stuff now , he had a few Herses himself including a Chrome tandem. " Keeping things under my Hat for now " Sterling