Re: [CR]Can one "fix" a Peugeot stem ?

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Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2001 20:14:11 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Can one "fix" a Peugeot stem ?

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> Did the stem actually say, "Peugeot" on it? Then it is probably a Philliips
> Professional stem and not an AVA stem. These were forged stems with an
> allen
> bolt binder found on the PX-10le. The PX-10le also had Atax/Phillips
> Professional bars. Very nice. Both were much nicer than the AVA, but the
> stem still is probably not salvageable.

Yes, it is a 1975 (probably, from decals) PX-10 something and has a triangular (point-down) stem that says "Peugeot" on each side via a black/silver sticker. I would not allow my son Aaron to ride an AVA "death stem", given his strength and enthusiasm for climbing. The expander bolt is a steel 7mm allen key, but the handlebar clamp is a nutted bolt. There is a single slot in the expander cone region, with a stress-riser relief-hole at the top. The stem cracked right through this anti-stress-riser hole. It was WAY too far out, but I couldn't touch it because I had no 7mm allen key.

The bars are nice PIVO ones. I notice that the stem's wall thickness increases quite a lot just above where it broke, so that is going to make it difficult to re-cut I think.

I might have to recycle one from some other bike. Aaron wants to ride the bike tomorrow on a 20-mile club ride.

Glenn Jordan - Durham, NC