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Subject: Re: [CR]cancel ebay outing:Dura Ace crankset
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 06:43:52 -0500

Paypal started charging some sort of transaction fee based on the amount coming through. Paypal started out much like ebay, many items were free but gradually they started tacking on the fees. Now there is a fee to draw a check and have it sent to you where about a year ago, a check was free to get cut and sent to you. now the only thing free is a direct deposit to your checking...but BEWARE, as soon as you give them your bank account, they change your paying status from your credit card to your that they can take the money in e-check form from your account and save themselves the credit card fees and hassles no doubt. I can't remember the exact amount that paypal charges now on transactions but recently, I got charged around $7 for a $200 dollar auction and around $4 for a $100 auction. therefore I tacked on the $3 to cover the paypal if the bid went high again.

Classic content in all of this: We all use Ebay and Paypal for buying and selling and, Hey, Dale asked! peace to everyone, happy holidays!



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&gt;Subject: Re: [CR]cancel ebay outing:Dura Ace crankset

&gt;Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 00:04:32 EST


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&gt;&lt;&lt; Please visit to read the bottom line which basically explains why i had to

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&gt;So Ebay got po'ed that you charged an extra $3.00 for the use of PayPal?

&gt; Just wondering, why did you charge for that, isn't it free? I am not

&gt;questioning your right to charge whatever you want (unlike Ebay) but what is

&gt;your reasoning here?





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