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Subject: [CR]Re: handlebar mount bottle cage - classic moment

Sheldon replied:
>We have nifty Minoura adaptors that let you mount one or two
>standard cages to your bars. See:

Yes, those are nice, I've got three doubles and a single. Also there's a very nice clamp-on adapter (BH-95) which works on handlebars and frame tubes for those without braze-on mounts. Another item is the removable cage clamp (QB-90), I didn't think it would work very well, but I was surprised. I've even clamped it to the stem extension and it's held well.

http://www.minoura.co.jp/index-et.html Click 'Accessory' and scroll down.

Classic moment-

I was out on a road trip for work, and looking for a single mount before I could get to my LBS. I stopped at a shop and asked for one, the shop guy looked puzzled for a moment, then pointed to the classic poster of Coppi and Bartali on the wall, and asked, "You mean something like that?"

I smiled, and said, "Exactamundo!"

Roy "satisfied customer" Drinkwater Lititz "pigeon Italian", PA