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Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 21:00:04 +0100

A few more things regarding these levers and other brake parts from this period!

These levers also came in the SR version, super hard to find!! Brake blocks found with these SR units, read ''Super record'' not Campagnolo! And brake lever bodies were also a little different, brake arm straps sat up a little higher! From looking at the backside of the earlier lever body and later there is about a 2 mm difference. I think the earlier ones cracked a lot easier??

Theres a few other small things which are kind of being on the picky side! Height of brake pad holder nuts, there are tall and short ones Adjuster post where housing goes in, there again some are tall and short. (deep or shallow)!

Brake levers, Newer type! I've heard how some would talk about how some were fresh stamped with fresh tooling or being stamped with older tooling. Has anybody noticed the lettering and the shape of the holes?? As for the lettering, check out the (o) at the bottom some are oval and some are round. The drilling at the lower part of the lever is also defined the same way!!...........I go through this all the time trying to match levers from A to Z!! Let alone the correct height brake block nut or the matching post for rebuilt brakesets!

As the way I am, I am starting to catalog these parts as is.........Boy and we thought some were picky when we needed a correct dated locknut!! Check out my workshop and you will think I am a real ''NUT CASE!" Pics will come in the near future............We come a long ways ''BABY!"

Sorry I ain't going looking no time line, got enough work to do!!

Regards, BC Baron Corpuz..............Holland.....Can go on and on about small things concerning Campagnolo NR/SR parts! Too bad all the Campagnolo old timers were put out to pasture!!

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> I stand corrected. Now you need to supply the date of the change for
> the Campagnolo Timeline...
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> Richard M Sachs wrote:
> >
> > sorry e-CHUCKIE but...
> > the curve of the lever is DIFFERENT. the lowest
> > last 1" plus-some has more of a curve, (in the area
> > in which the pinky rests...), so my description stands.
> > i have both types here in stock in blades-only so it
> > is easy to place one over the other to view the difference.
> > put that in your timeline!
> > e-RICHIE
> >
> > On Tue, 11 Dec 2001 02:09:13 -0800 Chuck Schmidt
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> > >
> > >
> > > Richard M Sachs wrote:
> > > >
> > > >(cut)The levers are the first generation brake levers, the
> > > > version considered 'long reach' because they had a different
> > > > radius and sat further from the bars than later versions.
> > >
> > >
> > > Actually the brake levers are identical to the later "short reach,"
> > > the
> > > only difference being the angle at which the top part of the lever
> > > is
> > > cut off. The originals were cut off square at the top (look above
> > > the
> > > cable anchor from the side) and the later "short reach" levers were
> > > cut
> > > off at an acute angle.
> > >
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