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Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 09:46:00 EST
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Subject: [CR]Re: CR Jersey e-mail order form

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<< I did not see the "Jersey Page" on the CR website? Is it in with the CdO website? How about good old fashioned snail mail for a copy of the order?

I hide it from the general public... Maybe I will change that... But it is obscurely placed way down at the bottom of the "Resources" page. Dark blue letters...

You know, it looks like the 3 or four people who have had trouble accessing those pages are Mac users.. I wonder what's up with that?

How about this, an e-mail version of the order form ___________________________________________________________________

Classic Rendezvous Jersey advance purchase order form

Please send to the address at the bottom.

Orders & payment must be received by January 15, 2002

Name _____________________________________________ Date __________ Street _____________________________________________ Apt. ___________ City ___________________________________ State ________ zip ___________ Telephone (w) _____________________________________ Telephone (h) ______________________________________ e-mail address ______________________________________

Quantity ______   Size (see chart)          XS      S        M       L        XL       XXL        XXXL

Amount enclosed $__________

$50.00 deposit for each jersey. Total price will be $99.00 plus shipping. Make checks(USA) or Intl. money order payable to "cycles de ORO~CR Jersey" Your order will be confirmed via e-mail upon receipt.

Send to: cycles de ORO~ CR Jersey 1410 Mill Street Greensboro, NC 27408 336-274-5959

Fine print: Balance due in full before shipping. The full amount of payment is refundable if the CR custom order does not materialize due to lack of response. Quantities will be distinctly limited, all sales final except for exchange for size.. Please choose your size carefully as other sizes may not be available for exchange. Shipping charges are additional.