Re: [CR]WTB Regina Oro, No way, Regina Titanium!

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Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 11:02:31 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]WTB Regina Oro, No way, Regina Titanium!


Why be saddled with the inherent inefficiencies of steel when you can move into a new level of performance and handling with a Regina 5 Speed Titanium freewheel instead. Oro might be a great name for a bike shop but in freewheels my NOS Vintage titanium cogged Regina beauty 13x19 in box that might fetch twice or three times as much on E-bay to that guy in Japan bidding old French cranks up over six bills. A special price to you (or any interested party) is just $175.95 plus insured postage.

Verrry Sexxxxeh corncob styling as well.

Makes a great Hanukah gift or Christmas tree dangler too.

Yours in cycling,

Gilbert Anderson

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<< Hey all, I'm looking for a Regina Oro 5 speed freewheel if anyone has one they want to part with. Also, I've just become the happy owner of a Masi Gran Criterium. Charles and I think it is from 1974. The numbers on the BB are 679. Thanks.

Scott Smith
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