Re: [CR]Sno Bol old galvanized steel bike parts

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From: <>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 23:21:03 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Sno Bol old galvanized steel bike parts

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> When I finished I flushed the Sno Bol down the toilet.

What's in this stuff??? And why is it > blue???

It is almost certainly copper sulfate (Cupric Sulfate, CuSO4), which is a clear blue crystal as a solid. When dissolved, tiny amounts will color lots of water a "toilet bowl" blue. It is used sometimes to rot out roots that have grown in to septic system lines. Don't eat it.

It is also quite an active electrolytic agent, particularly with zinc. Rinse carefully and coat the result with oil, as you have been instructed.

Glenn Jordan - Durham, NC