Re: [CR]Cool Seatle bike shops

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Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 15:26:59 -0800
From: "Jon Muellner" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Cool Seatle bike shops

Mark wrote:
>If you're willing to go outside of Seattle a bit, there's Kingston Classic
>Cycle, which has an
>extensive collection of racing iron, more from the first half of the 20th
>century than the second half if I remember correctly - it's been so long
>since I was there. Kingston is on the other side of Puget Sound from
>Seattle, a ferry ride away.

Jeff Groman also has another shop in Winslow on Bainbridge Island (321 High School Road), a wee bit closer if you're in downtown Seattle. He has a number of nice bikes from his collection there, along with vintage components, jerseys and more.

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