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From: "renaissance-cycles" <info@renaissance-cycles.com>
To: "Classic Rendevous" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 13:59:53 +0100
Subject: [CR]roadtrips/Monday

Hey all!.........I'm back!!

Roadtrips, Roadtrips and more roadtrips! Why so much now!! Like I said we are in need of some room not only for incoming goods but to make room for goods for our ''New site'' catering to the European market!! Why this! This was on the drawing board well before Renaissance Cycles but when we saw all of the old bike stuff heading East we decided to make a 180 and put everything into it!!.............Now our book keeper said ''YOU'' must create cost!!..........So we are! It was to come on line this last summer but we had to hold off! Way to much going on with the bike stuff!! This will also make it possible for us to keep the warehouse operating on a full time bases as storage and shipping cycling goods to us in the States. And we hope to make a good run at the European market!! It will offset the conversion rate from Dollars to Euros...........Even after the fire we decided to keep it on track!! Some of our competitors got a sniff of this and they are a bit upset!! Hey! That's biz!!...........Unfinished Home page is on line http://www.thenorthwesttrading-co.nl This will also keep the bike stuff fun for us! We love our work but we had to give it a try!!

As always, please give your full name and address when ordering. And please if items are needed from my regular listing, please send a seperate order but everything will be billed and shipped as one.

(1) Campagnolo NR 47t ring $ 14.- available: 25 pieces

(2) Williams???? Campagnolo NR copy 51t chainwheel 144 bcd $ 20.- available: 10 pieces

(3) Benotto Lt/med blue H-bar tape, checkered pattern not smooth $ 2.- ea. 3 for $ 5.-...............or a box of 20 pieces with MOSERS mug!.......$ 30.-. available: 10 boxes

(4) Benotto H-bar tape, carded with 16 roll of mixed stripped patterns $ 13.-. per card Bonus!...........You get Bernard Hinault mug on the display card!!.....Big deal, right?? available: 20 cards

(4) Modolo Speedy braided brake cable set with housing and chrome tips $ 3.- per set available: 50 sets

(6) Modolo Speedy brake levers (black) with fresh 919 gum hoods, $ 11.-pp available: 20 pairs

(7) Regina corsa 2 prong 6 speed freewheel 12-17 $ 7.-. available: 25 pieces

(8) Regina corsa 2 prong 6 speed freewheel 12-19 $ 7.-. available: 25 pieces

(9) Eddy Merckx competition cleated shoes, with cleats size 42.5 $ 30.- available: 20 pairs

(10) Gommitalia BIT 300 Servizio Course 250 grams, Italian made! $ 19.- ea available: 30 pieces........You asked for it you got it!!

(11) Shimano 600 rear derailleur, non index. shop worn and oxidized $ 15.-. available: 10 pieces

(12) Simplex rear derailleurs, all steel for non French dropouts $ 7.- available: 12 pieces

(13) Shimano 105 front derailleurs bz-on, early style blue box $ 7.-. available: 34 pieces

(14) Shimano 105 SC front derailleur bz-on, $ 7.-. available: 99 pieces

(15) Weinmann brake blocks red 7 dot, 6 pr for $ 5.-. or a box of 50 pairs $ 38.-. available: 12 boxes

(16) Fir Siriurs blue anodized tubulars 36 hole $ 5.- ea. available: 2 pieces

(17) Ambrossio blue anodized tubulars 36 hole $ 5.- ea. available: 3 pieces

(18) Nisi AN 85 26'' tubulars hard grey finish 28 hole $ 5.- ea. available: 10 pieces

(19) Mavic GL330 26'' tubulars 32 hole old lable $ 7.- available: 3 pieces

(20) Mavic GL330 26'' tubulars 32 hole new lable $ 7.-. available: 1 piece

(21) Wolber Profil 20 aero tubulars 36 hole $ 15.-pp......5 pairs available

(22) Wolber Profil 20 aero tubulars 32 hole $ 15.-pp......1 pair available

(23) Ambrossio Montreal polish tubulars 32 hole $ 5.- ea. 2 pieces

(24) Fir Quasar tubular hard grey finish 36 hole $ 5.- ea 1 available

(25) Shimano Dura Ace EX crank arms, arm only 165 mm. Right side is scratched up.......shop worn $ 25.-.

And yes all of our other road trips deals are still good! 53t NR rings are long gone!

Thanks for looking, BC Baron Corpuz............Holland.....Bloody cold today!!

PS: Hey Dale I found a NOS Team pro in my size, so I got my English rigg for your next gig, No promises but I will try to make it!! And no it's not for sale to anybody........Notice in advance!!