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To: "Tom Dalton" <>, "Jack Bissell" <>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 13:47:42 -0500
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Subject: Re: [CR]need raleigh 753 info

Good advice from Tom. Or, if you can't find a NOS 27.0mm seat post, I'd advocate turning a 27.2mm down to 27.0 before I reamed the already thin 753 seat tube oversize. Find a machinist/framebuilder who has a lathe, and you're in business. Turning a couple tenths off the seatpost is easy and won't damage the frame itself. If you are running an old Nouvo Record two-bolt seat post, no problem with the finish. Some polish after the turning and it'll look factory fresh. If you were planning on using another type/brand of post with an anodized finish, then that will need to be re-done ($$). (Be careful though, that the old 27.2 post, now a 27.0 isn't somehow mis-used on some other frame due to it's now-incorrect 27.2mm marking at the top of the barrel.)

In any case, you want to keep as much metal on the seat tube as possible. Too thin, and you may develop a crack right below the lug itself. (I had a 1982 Gitane team-issue from Greg LeMond with that failure in the shop.) Also be sure the hole is truly a ~round~ 27.0, and not a 27.2 that has been somehow incorrectly squeezed into an oval, making the 27.0 seem to fit. Get a reputable framebuilder to help you determine this. Good luck with your project, Bill Bryant Santa Cruz, California

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From: Tom Dalton
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>Also, I'm tempted to ream the seat from 27.0 to
>27.2--is that possible and acceptable w/ thin
>I'd think twice before doing that to any frame, thrice
>before doing it to a superlight frame like yours.
>Baylis, Sachs, et al may be in the best position to
>make this call though. In any case, aren't NOS posts
>cheap in the 27.0 size, relative to the prices for
>27.2? Why not just buy a nice new post and keep your
>frame at factory specs?
>Tom Dalton
>--- Jack Bissell <> wrote:
>> Howdy lightweights,
>> I have checked the Retro Raleighs site for help w/
>> dating my 753 Raleigh.=20
>> According to their serial # info, my bike #SB 3628
>> would be a 1983. Can=20
>> anyone confirm/ deny this? My frame is midnight blue
>> & has braze-ons for=20
>> shifters, brake guides, 1 H2O bottle. Brakes are
>> nutted. Dropout spacing is=20
>> 126mm. It has the small "wave" on the head tube
>> lugs.
>> Also, I'm tempted to ream the seat from 27.0 to
>> 27.2--is that possible and=20
>> acceptable w/ thin 'super-steel'?
>> Thanks and have a happy solstice tomorrow.
>> Jack Bissell, dating seriously in Tucson, Az
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