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From: "Alan" <alan@co-motion.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 00:52:35 -0800
Subject: [CR]Introduction from a longtime lurker

Howdy- The list has been darn slow lately and I've had a couple of recent events that have reinvigorated my excitement and love of classic racing bikes, so I figured as a longtime lurker (and very occasional poster)it was time for my "official" introduction. The past couple of years I have not been nearly as active in the vintage circles as years past. Ironically, this is because I entered the bicyle industry and have been consumed with building/painting/, research/development, and marketing/selling - I barely have time to read my daily CR digest.

But recently I obtained a '74 Masi with the twin plate crown in my size (54) that has all original components and is in very nice condition - this bike has completely got me excited about digging out all my old masi research (from my other '74 - a red-orange 56) and seeking and talking with other Masi afficionado's.

Fellow list member Mike Carney (hey Mike!)and I have recently become friends and his recent aquisitions ('71 colnago and '71 masi) have also stoked my vintage steel hunger.

My primary interest is with pre-investment cast era bicycles of the mid/late sixties till '75/'76 or so. My favorites are Cinelli, Pogliaghi, Hetchins, Colnago, and of course Masi. My current vintage collection includes a 1970 Hetchins Scorpion (vibrant stays), two '74 masi's, and a '75/'76 colnago super. Oh yea, I've got a sweet Pinarello also.

The rest of my stable are made by myself and friends here in Eugene, OR - and include customs and prototypes to test geometry and forks (yea, somebody has to do it). Modern bikes are my main rides, but I like to break out the vintage steel for special occasions.

My other interests include vintage guitars and tube amps, fixing up my old house, and I'm currently building all new furniture (shaker and craftsmen).

Mike and I will begin restoring his masi in january and we are going to document the process (digital photos and a log/diary) - I think Dale is going to post this on the CR site.

I consider a fair number of the list members to be friends and I had fun meeting Dale and some new friends at the CR interbike get together. Anyway hello to all my old friends out there and heres to new ones and I'll try to be a more frequent contributor in the future.

Merry Christmas, Everyone

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