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From: "renaissance-cycles" <info@renaissance-cycles.com>
To: "Classic Rendevous" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 14:09:20 +0100
Subject: [CR]Roadtrips/friday dec21st

Hi I'm Back!!

Thought I'd get this off to the list before Monday the 24th!! We will be shut down from the 25th through the 1st of '2002 but that really doesen't mean that we won't be working!!.....We will be installing a roller band system for our picking and packing area! And some construction to do as well!!

Sometime next week we will be rolling back the prices on Cyclus tooling to the list!!...........Then off to our monthly special listings. Need to make room for an early Pre season shipment!

A new load arrived so we must move a little to make some room!! As always quantities are good, maybe too good!!

Here's the New list!!...........Some are still on the pallets!! And some of the offerings is old news with more arriving!!.........Why buy so much?? We need to for we are in this for the long haul!! Buy a little (A lot!), sell a little we hope!!

(1) Campagnolo GS road BB French thread, complete in box with bearings,...........We will include a bb sleeve. $ 14.-. available: 50, Limit 3.

(2) Campagnolo SR right side crankarm, non fluted. 172.5 $ 50.- Available: 20, Limit 2.

(3) Campagnolo NR/SR gear levers clamp-on,non raised lettering. $ 17.-. Available: 150 sets, Limit 2.

(4) Campagnolo NR/SR gear levers Bz-on, non raised lettering. $ 13.- Available 60 pairs, Limit 2.

(5) Campagnolo Eddy Merckx panto (Black) gear levers Bz-on $ 13.-. Available 25 pairs, Limit 2.

(6) Campagnolo Top tube cable clips, 3 per set $ 5.- per set/3 sets $ 12.- Available 500, limit 3X (3 for $12.-)

(7) Galli BB, English thread no bearings $ 12.- available: 5.

(8) Campagnolo type BB sleeve but with (Rider logo) $ 1.- or 7 for $ 5.- These are the same as Campagnolo 2 piece units. Available: 5000 plus

(9) Gipiemmi Crono sprint brake caliper set $ 15.- Short reach/recessed. Brake pads and springs will work with Campagnolo NR/SR calipers chromed brake block holders with wheel guides. Available: 20 sets.

(9) Gipiemmi sprint hubsets LF/36 hole/126mm $ 20.- Available: 50 pairs.

(10) Gipiemmi Crono sprint BB Italian thread 115mm $ 22.- A great user for Campagnolo NR/SR, polished races Available 20 sets!! Limit 2 per customer!!

(11) Mavic SSC front derailleur Bz-on $ 14.-. Available: 150

(12) Modolo Speedy brakeset short reach/nutted. Bolt is threaded far down enough in order to cut down to accept recessed (Silver) $ 25.- per set. Available: 50 set.

(13) Ofmega Super Compitizione kit $ 110.-. Available 5 sets Go to my site to check out the specs (MON207).

(14) CLB Sulky brake levers (drilled levers) $ 17.-pp Available 50 pairs, limit 5

(15) Weinmann brake lever hoods (Gum) fits Diacompe. $ 6.- 2 for $ 10.- Available: 600, Limit 5X (2 for $ 10.-)

(16) Ame Campagnolo NR/SR style hoods (yellow) $ 4.-. Available: 40 pairs Limit 3.

(17) Christophe cycle cross toe clips (dual clip type) size, Lg $ 2.-. Available: 60 sets.

(18) Sansin HF 48 hole hubset, QR front/nutted rear. $ 50.- per set. Available: 5

(19) Rigida Pro tubular rims 36 hole, nicely polished $ 22.- pp. Available: 10 pairs

(20) Mavic OR 10 rims, 32 hole $ 27.- pp. Available: 130 pairs. Limit 4 pairs.

(21) ttt Record stem old style non foil type, 135mm $ 19.-. Available: 10

(22) ttt Record stem old style non foil type, 75mm $ 15.-. Available: 10

(23) Silva Tommasini toe straps with buckle pads, white & blue. $ 9.-pp Available: 12 pairs.

(24) Silva Tommasini toe straps with buckle pads, white & black. $ 9.- pp

(25) Ale alloy toe clips (black) size small, $ 2.-pp. Available: 25 sets.

While most are gearing down for winter we are humming away, with Christmas not being anywhere close to the way it is celebrated in the U.S, but we do at Renaissance with the Christmas music going our neighbors are very curious about us!! Most here don't know how to react when you say Merry Christmas to them, they look at you as if your from ''MARS!''...............Good fun it is!!.......My wife and the kids can only laugh when I try to get someone to react with a Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years to all!!

BC Baron Corpuz.......and the Gang!!..........Freezing cold here in Holland!! But gearing up for Spring!!.......Did I say Spring??>>>>Having fun!!