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Subject: Re: [CR]Honjo bikes
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2001 00:09:27 +0900

This bike was made by a frame builder named Honjo who has nothing to do with the mudguard maker. The site owner is in Kyoto where I was born and brought up. His another hobby seems photography and you can see many photos of places where I used to do cycling .
    I have just found very good photos of details of a Toei which seems newly built. The old man you can see on the first photo is the builder of Toei.
                    Takao Noda
            Hachioji Tokyo Japan

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> Classicists,
> The link below is to a classic lugged steel bike,
> the site is in Japanese (and if you back track you can
> find a slew of neat bikes including Toei, a child's Singer, etc.).
> What's interesting about this one is not only the nice, clean
> headtube lugs but that it is a Honjo. Does anyone know if this
> is the same company that makes the fenders?
> Look here:
> set your browser to Japanese if you want to see it that way,
> does anyone also know how one would order a Toei?
> merries to you all,
> Douglas Brooks
> Canandaigua, NY