[CR]Toe straps--Relative Merits

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From: "Bruce & Marie Van Remortel" <vrgeckos@ite.net>
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Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2001 12:12:00 +1000
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Subject: [CR]Toe straps--Relative Merits

Binda "Extras" would be ideal(e), but I always had trouble pulling them through NR pedals... I use the normal Bindas (that BC has at bargin prices), they seem very robust and the older ones (10+) seem to be doing well. Christophe's are garbage in my opinion, the leather is so thin. Maybe they made Binda-quality in the distant past, but the ones I've seen available recently are too thin for hard use. Again, only my opinion, your experience may vary : )

I actually tried Speedplays for several years which worked well, but went back to the tried and true "clips 'n straps" due to the comfort of the currently available touring shoes (Sidi Touring and Carnac Farclaz or whatever their called).

We all had our youthful transgressions, please don't hold the Speedplay era against me, I'm back in the fold.

Reminds me how I threw a set of Old-logo'ed NR brake levers in the garbage in 1985 to mount some of those "new and improved" Cobalto-type hidden cable" brake levers. Why didn't I save them??!! We are all idiots at times.

Regards and Happy holidays CR-members!
Bruce Van Remortel
Guam, 80's