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Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 10:52:51 -0600

Well, I can understand Jon's frustration, as I also get irate when I think I am getting poor service. Hope the posting makes him feel better, having "blown off steam". On the other hand, as the saying goes "S _ _ _ _ happens" and as Phil made everything good in the end, after the uproar subsides, "All's well that ends well." would seem the appropriate conclusion. I guess it is understandable if Jon chooses not to buy from Phil again, but there is nothing here that would make me hesitate to buy from Phil personally. It is good to keep in mind that this classic bike stuff is not exactly a gold mine, so seller's aren't getting rich, and frequently have to run the classic business while working a "real job", or at least have to rely on girlfriends, spouses, children, friends for "staff". So you can't expect the kind of service you expect from IBM. Come to think of it, I've had some pretty bad service from IBM, despite their large staff, and the classic bike places, understaffed and all, usually do a better job.


Jerry Moos
in sunny Houston, TX

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I think this is all but dead. I wanted to add that I have never ever heard a bad thing said about Phil Brown. Things just happen especially when normal life i.e. work, family, sickness etc. make one space small things like a pair of shoes. A mountain out of a molehill in my opnion. I would not hesitate to buy anything from Phil.

Dave Bohm
Bohemian Bicycles