[CR]Claim-to-Hetchins-name controversy.

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From: <OROBOYZ@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 13:01:38 EST
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Subject: [CR]Claim-to-Hetchins-name controversy.

Yes, Jerry, as the owner of 7 old Hetchins myself, I wonder why the "Fake" bikes would not have been shut down immediately. In the USA, a judge would have issued an injunction to cease & desist production and advertising upon the claimant's presentation of evidence of trade mark infringement (Joe Zanoni-Bender, can you elaborate on this for us?)

As reported here at the time, I talked to Mark Joynt, who is Omega Cycles, at the Las Vegas Bike Show and he swore up and down that the David Miller/Hetchins company was not registered in any way and had no absolute right to use the name. He admitted to being opportunistic in acquiring the rights but had no apology... He thought that was strictly free enterprise at work, and claimed to have had his attorney research the matter and take all the appropriate legal steps to secure the rights to the name Hetchins.

FWIW, his bikes actually were very cleanly made and use lugs which are a very good reproduction of the earlier (1960s) Magnum Opus lug pattern which was abandoned (because of the difficulty in making.)

Please understand that I stand in sentiment with the progressive line of Hetchins manufacture which went from Harry H. to Alfie H. to Bob Jackson (where David Miller was shop manager) to David Miller's management. For the heritage issue, that is a clear line of descendancy. ... But I wonder if they followed any proper legal procedures to maintain that "brand." Some months ago I was told by David and others that legal action was being pursued, but Omega has not relented in promoting themselves as bonafide Hetchins makers and they seem pretty confident of their position.

Meanwhile, I will refer to Omega built Hetchins as "reportedly unauthorized versions." The term "Fake" would mean to me that Omega is claiming their bikes are Miller-regime Hetchins or a direct descendant, which they are not. They are claiming, I infer from their words, that they have resurrected a marque which has not been legitimately produced in a while. That is where the fight hinges! Time will tell as this drama unfolds.

Dale Brown
Greensboro, North Carolina