[CR]FS/T: some parts

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From: <MSCTROSE@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 23:50:23 EST
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]FS/T: some parts

Hi gang

Just up from the garage, need to get rid of some clutter. Prices don't include shipping, probably about five bucks on the small stuff, and what I am looking for is at bottom of list

1. Mavic 840 (I believe that's the number) rear derailluer. Its the drop derailluer, the one Greg used in 89. Nice shape, some wear (a small mark on top pivot bolt, not noticable from two feet, inside of pulley cage shows wear, not visible, a little patina of rust in recesses of adjust screws, pulleys worn) pivots tight, with the little thingy that keeps it from pivoting on hanger, $45

2. Cinelli 1R stem, 95, looks very good plus above insertion mark, little marks from being on my bike below insertion mark, with a set of Cinelli 64/40 bars in ok shape (ferrule looks good, some deep scratches on drops from taking off brake levers) $40

3. Campy Nuovo Record seatpost, 27.2, very good condition, no deep scratches below insertion mark, just light ones that will likely polish out, rest of post very nice, $45

4. Shimano 600 non aero levers, NOS, have a whitish hue on supple gum hoods that will disappear with use, $15

6. Avocet womans gel saddle with corner bumpers, exc condition, $10

7. Shimano 600 platform pedals, exc, with toe clips, no straps, $10

that's it for now Looking for New, never used or built up set of clincher rims, 700c, 36 hole. I need two, and am open to hear whatcha got (open 4, open pro, Fir, MA 2, MA40???) Suntour Superbe Pro seatpost, 27.2

Mark Rosenberg
San Diego, CA