Re: Buy Buy JUY - what is market price WAS:[CR]New record being set tonight?

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Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 11:43:14 EST
Subject: Re: Buy Buy JUY - what is market price WAS:[CR]New record being set tonight?

Hold on a minute

I'm a dealer and my sheet still has this product at an unbelievablly low $1200.00 for interested parties. I'll hold this price till year end. If I run out I'm make some more.

Gilbert "Lucian Juy 543 or Juy 60 insideer trader" Anderson s In a message dated 12/3/01 12:50:37 AM, writes:

<< Steve Neago wrote:
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> May I suggest that $1300 is not a true market price for a JUY derailleur,
> merely a "spike" in price due to several over-zealous overseas collectors? (cut)


Here's something to think about... In 25 years of looking for vintage racing bikes in the California I have never come across a bike equipped with a Juy 543 or Juy 60. Think of the number of people that have immigrated to California from Europe because of the weather and the bikes they brought with them when they moved here.

My conclusion is that the market for the Juy 543 derailleur _is_ Japan and if you have been reading this list for very long you realize that the Japanese know _exactly_ what they are looking for. I know that I'll will never need one for a restoration. So, supply and demand? The 543 was used in the TdF for a very short period of time and there are not a whole lot of them around for the people that want them (the Japanese).

Me? I'm happy that what the Japanese desire and what I desire do not coincide...

Chuck Schmidt
South Pasadena, Southern California (reprints, T-shirts and Campagnolo Timeline)