Re: [CR]Maillard 700 Hub question--Whitworth-Answer?

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Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 10:58:48 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Maillard 700 Hub question--Whitworth-Answer?

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<< The strange thing: the locknuts appeared to be a weird size--Whitworth, according to renown Chicago bike guy Moss Jacobs. >>

In some strange freak un French occurence my Maillard 700 hubs use standard 10x1 axles and were NOS when I got them. Phil Brown >>

The answer sir may be,

You may have found the rarest of the rare, in rear axles that is. It will be near impossible to replace this axle so to protect it by having your frame's rear drops precisely spaced to the hub width (or shim the hub) and squared off parallel to prevent axle breakage (no warranty naturally). As I recall I had one of these and I measured it as.....not Whitworth (this is not very British), and not 10x1 (not very Japanese), but the incredibly rare and extremely desirable Maillard secret standard of 10x.75mm super fine thread. What would you expect from a company named after a duck, well?

On the dustcap. Thats one the best parts as they keep dirt our better than most but you do not have to remove them and they are difficult to reinstall. There is a special tool made by Wheels Manufacturing that must be used in my experience. A good shop should be able to help or I can sell a tool to you.

As per normal course of my day I stand to be corrected (I seem to remember more than one thread for this hub axle).

FIND COMMAND: Whitworth Thread; see Sturmey Archer May not be correct either as it seems new Sachs 10.5x1 axle huts fit the Sturmey AW Axles as I recall.

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