[CR]Bicycle Classics going out of business!

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Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2001 09:40:18 -0700
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
From: "Bicycle Classics inc" <bikevint@tiac.net>
Subject: [CR]Bicycle Classics going out of business!

Hello CR folks!

This time its for good - Bicycle Classics inc. is going out of business. We'll be open for holiday sales thru December 19 with the following hours. Tu 12-5, Wed 12-6, Thur 12-6, and Friday 12-5.

We will be closed from December 19th thru Januar 7 for inventory and liquidation preperations.

Starting Tuesday January 8th we will launch a new liquidation list to our web site every tuesday. We will then be open Tuesdays 12-5, Wednesdays 1-6, and Thursdays 1-6. As the liquidation progresses we may change the hours. Tons of stuff (literally) has to be sold off - some of the best stuff will come up last in order to entice folks to keep on looking! It will be exciting and interestesting for sure.

We gave it our best shot in our retail location this year and it just didn't work out. With the economy being weak, so much stuff being sold privately on the net, with ebay, and with keen competition that at this time we can only encourage and wish the best to, our volume just fell by too much. Additionally, the new bike thing while starting to take off is doing so too slowly. Besides, our heart was always in the vintage anyway. It is time for us to finally move onto the things we probably should have been doing years ago. We want to thank our customers from over the years, and hope that everyone will help clear our shelves and storage units. We'll be around we figure until the end of February or March.

Michael Kone - Bicycle Classics inc. - in sunny Boulder Colorado.