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Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 19:08:44 -0500
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The last I knew BIOREM is/was Nels Cone, general all around PITA for Chuck ;-). Baron Corpuz he is is not!

BTW I just saw today on the iBOB list that Bicycle Classics (Mike Barry) is closing his storefront operation, apparently to concentrate on building bikes (Mariposa) again.

David Bilenkey Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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I just saw on rec.bicycles.marketplace an email from some called "BIOREM" with BC's list (below) with a leading statement "If you are paying more for the items listed below, you are paying Way Too Much!" Is BIOREM and BC the same?

Eric Elman
Somers, CT

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Hi All!

Its been a little over a year since the ''fire'' and the only thing that we were able to digg up was about 100 sets of SR titanium rear derailleur bolts!! The rest was a total lost!!

Well it's been some time since we went to the list with stuff for sale!!! And we just landed a truck load with more on the way!! we got to make a little room for incoming goodies!! If you do plan to buy from this list, please do not add other items from our regular list! Please send us a seperate list which I will pick as a separate order but we will bill and send together as one.....Still recovering from my last mailer!!

All items are 'NOS'' and many are NIP, quantities are very good!!

(1) Alfredo Bindas, yellow/brown 3 pair $ 12.-.

(2) Cornelo red leather toe straps $ 2.- pp.

(3) Sugino Mighty 44t ring 144 bcd $ 6.-.

(4) Sugino Mighty 48t ring 144 bcd $ 6.-.

(5) Campagnolo NR 53t ring $ 22.-,.......limit 2.

(6) Campagnolo NR 43t ring $ 23.-,.......limit 2.

(7) Campagnolo SR 50t ring $ 15.-.

(8) Campagnolo SR 44t ring $ 15.-.

(9) Campagnolo Gran Sport/Victory 52t ring $ 9.-.

(10) Campagnolo Gran Sport/Victory 42t ring $ 10.-.

(11) Benotto H-bar tape (black) $ 2.-.

(12) Benotto H-bar tape (dark blue) $ 2.-.

(13) Benotto H-bar tape (orange) $ 2.-.

(14) Nisi Solidal tubular (hard grey) 28 hole $ 15.- pp.

(15) Nisi Corso Streto tubular (silver) 28 hole $ 15.- pp.

(16) Campagnolo Victory tubular (bronze) 36 hole $ 15.-pp.

(17) Cinelli 63-40, 26.4 $ 12.-, non groved.

(18) Cinelli 66-38, 26.4 $ 12.-, non groved.

(19) Cinelli 66-40, 26.4 $ 12.-, non groved.

(20) Belleri (Gold) 41.5cm end to end, 25.4 $ 12.-, non groved.

(21) Belleri (Gold) 44cm end to end, 25.4 $ 12.-, non groved.

(22) Philippe touring type H-bar 42.5 end to end, $ 6.-, non groved.

(23) CLB brake levers (silver) fresh gum hoods, $ 12.-pp.

(24) CLB brake levers (black) fresh black hoods, $ 12.-pp.

(25) Huret Multito $ 6.-.

(26) Silca frame pump 400mm (white) with silca plasstic pump head, older style which requires a pump peg or umbrella clip, $ 5.-. NOS/NIP

We reserve the right to refuse sales and limit quanities when need to. Up until Christmas we will list items to the list every Monday!!..........Happy Holidays!

Thanks for looking, BC Baron Corpuz.............Holland..........Buying up Europe!!