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The Super Record f. der. was not available until the early '80s. So until that time, the SR gruppos included the Record f. der. (all silver). While we all use the "NR" title to describe the 3 hole silver f. der., technically it is the "Record " model. So, the black arms designate it as a SR. Silver arms is a Record (aka NR). The SR and Record, that have 3 holes in the cage, are identical except for the arm color.

Marc Boral Long Beach, CA

At 07:08 PM 12/5/2001 -0500, Eric Elman wrote:
>Yes you are correct, bad post on my part; let's start again, please...
>What is the difference, other then color, between the black armed Super
>Record and the silver armed front derailleur (with holes in the cage)? Are
>they both SR or is the silver arm a NR and black a SR? Or is the silver an
>SR which was changed at some date to black and still called SR?
>Thanks in advance,
>Eric Elman
>Somers, CT
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> > There is no difference except the ARMS. The CAGE is chromed steel in both
> > cases. The aluminum ARMS were sometimes black anodize.
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> > Would someone please explain if a Campagnolo front derailleur with holes
> > a silver cage is a Super Record? If so, what's the difference between a
> > black cage example SR and a silver caged one (other then the color - for
> > wise guys)?
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> > Thanks in advance,
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> > Eric Elman