Re: [CR]virus question

(Example: Component Manufacturers:Chater-Lea)

Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2001 09:42:42 -0500
From: "Steve Freides" <>
Organization: Friday's Computer
To: Richard M Sachs <>
Subject: Re: [CR]virus question
References: <>

You can send a message to "abuse@" most internet providers, e.g., in this case

What you want to send them is the full message with full headers, so turn on All or Full Headers (in Netscape it's View, Headers, All), then click Forward (Inline is better than Quoted if you can manage that.)

This is a very simple and effective way of letting ISP's know about problem accounts and can be used for newsgroup posting as well as email.

In fact, when you do View/Headers/All, you'll often see a line starting


or similar. If there is such a line, use that address instead of the generic abuse one.

In cases when the content isn't self-explanatory, include a brief description, e.g., "This person, who I never heard of, is sending me 10 emails a day" at the top of the forwarded message.


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Richard M Sachs wrote:
> i apologize in advance for this, but...
> the recent virus thing going around, i have to ask this list
> if anyone knows this here fellow or recognizes the email address.
> for about 8 months i've been getting the same attachments from
> him and though i don't open them or forward them, they arrive here
> 5-10 times per day sometimes. i've replied to him to inquire regarding
> the mail-volume-attachment issue but get no responses. does anyone
> get his mail besides me?
> again, sorry to clog the listmail this a.m.
> e-RICHIE in chester
> the culprit: Patrick Britton"<>