[CR]roadtrips, today!!

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From: "renaissance-cycles" <info@renaissance-cycles.com>
To: "Classic Rendevous" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 01:09:35 +0100
Subject: [CR]roadtrips, today!!

Hey all!

I know!!, I know!! I said next offering to the list will be on monday but we are are doing the ''Christmas'' thing then and this weekend we are on the road again! When will it end!!...........The truck has arrived!!

Please note: These offers and special prices are for this list first! Elsewhere! maybe, only when this list has had their fill!

But before we start one small favor from the list, please post your address with your order!!......it would make things a lot easier on my other half!! And once again please keep your order from this list seperate if items are needed from our regular listings. Send 2 seperate orders but we will bill and ship as one.

Remember everything is ''NOS'' and many items are still boxed!!........And yes! There is enough to go around,.......... No one is going home hungrey today!!

(1) Eddy Merckx comp cycling shoes by Adidas!! If you are a Merckx fan then this is it, the same shoe you see him wearing in many of his posters!! Mesh/leather construction, Dual cleat system and padded tounge!! We landed three cases today!.....One is stashed away for SB!! Might I say I have been looking for these in my size for a long time since my last pair wore out!!........... Size 44..$ 35.-.

(2) Un named ''Italian made'' leather/heavy duty nylon soled with adjustable cleats, spade logo!! These are ''BIG TIME OLD SCHOOL'' with the lovely old leather smell!! I only wish these were my size, I'd keep them all for myself!! Size 45..$ 19.-. Bag reads pelle 602, any clues anybody!!

Back to the basics!!

(3) White Turbo Special saddle with brass colored nose badge and rear plate $ 19.-.

(4) Turbo red leather with black letters $ 19.-.

(5) Turbo red swede with white letters $ 19.-.

(6) Modolo (silver) Speedy brake levers with fresh 919 gum hoods $ 11.- pp.

(7) Campagnolo NR 49t chainwheel 144 bcd $ 15.-.

(8) Campagnolo 2 piece bb sleve, no logo $ 1.- ea/4 for $ 5.-

(9) Campagnolo rear derailleur ss housing with step-down $ 1.-/4 for $ 5.-.

(10) Campgnolo SR (seatpost) single bolt upper threaded and lower craddle $ 11.-per set.

(11) Campagnolo NR/SR med center brake bolt, front recessed or nutted rear $ 6.-.

(12) Campagnolo NR/SR long brake center bolt $ 5.-.

(13) 32 hole Campagnolo clincher type ((BOX STYLE)) Omega Strada XL hardox rims, dark finish $ 30.-pp or 3 pairs for $ 84.-. Please note! Shipping for one pair is $21.-/3 pairs is $ 26.-.

(14) 36 hole Campagnolo clincher type ((BOX STYLE)) Omega 20 (6082 heat treated) $ 30.-pp or 3 pairs for $ 84.-. Shipping for one pair is $ 21.-/3 pairs is $ 26.-. dark finish!!

(15) Zeus 2000 fork crown $ 10.-.

(16) Cinelli spoiler bb shell $ 10.-.

We reserve the right to refuse sales and limit quanities when need to!!

Yeh! Yeh!........My last offering is still good if you want get stuff from here and there!!

Last but most important to us at RC!...Dale, apologies in advance if we are pushing it with our latest listing. But better ''US'' and ''HERE'' before it all ends up in the dumpster like all the frame building material over at Batavus! Most likely Reynolds 531 and Columbus SL/SP along with all the fittings and a good dose of bike parts too! This just happened a few weeks ago!! We were told it all went to Poland last year??..........But Casper our contact gave us the real scoop!! I guess better dumped to get the tax right off!!............The pitts, ''BIG TIME!!"

Off to bed another ''HUGE'' day tomorrow!!......Thanks for looking.

BC Baron Corpuz................Eindhoven/Holland!!................''Happy Holidays''....''I'm pooped!!