[CR]Park Tool destroys Stronglights

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From: <Gjvinbikes@aol.com>
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2001 12:16:37 EST
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Park Tool destroys Stronglights

In a message dated 12/8/01 12:18:11 AM Eastern Standard Time, mark@bulgier.net writes:

> Unless you have a Park tool I never heard of, your tool will ruin a
> Stronglight crank. It is the correct size for a TA crank (23mm), and will
> seem to work on a Stronglight (23.35) - will thread in OK, but will strip
> the threads when the going gets tough. Many old Stronglights have been
> ruined by Park removers.

I had previously used the TA end of this Park Tool with success a few times on Stronglight 93's, until I tried it on the rather stubbornly attached 93's of my Gitane Tour de France, which it pulled right through the threads of. I obtained a real Stronglight-sized tool from Gilbert Anderson (CYCLESTORE@aol.com), inexpensively, and not only does it properly fit Stronglights, but it also was able to pull the crank I had ripped the threads out of with the Park tool !

The hard Park tool to find that is advertised here is that crank-bolt wrench with the 14/15/16 heads. True Stronglight bolts are 16mm, requiring Very Thinwalled sockets (grind your own or get a SnapOn ?) because of lack of clearance between the bolt head and the pesky Stronglight puller threads. The Park tool with the 16mm has been discontinued for a couple of years, but I have one and am very glad of it.

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