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Subject: [CR]Re: Looking for a great tool redux

Dale asked a few days ago:
>I have about used up a tool, if you can call it that, that is just great for
>many cleaning, polishing jobs on old bikes. Problem is, I do not know where
>to find another.. It is a German made (I am pretty sure) rubbery dense
>sponge-like block of very fine abrasive material. It is not like the foam
>thing with abrasive just on the outside, this gizmo has its abrasive stuff
>The original block was maybe 1 1/2" x 3/4" x 4 " . Gray in color.
>The great benefit of these blocks is that they impart, through scrubbing, a
>good looking satin, low gloss finish, rather like the Campy anodizing on some
>of their parts. Or, you can follow up this treatment with Simichrome or
>whatever, and go straight up to full polish...

I stopped in Wheelfine Imports in Lambertville, NJ today and Mike Johnson had a box of these out: Kool Stick Rust Eraser- http://koolstop.com/brakes/accessories.html

I bought one and it works fine...

Roy "ooh more tools..." Drinkwater Lititz "rain & cold", PA

p.s. There's also a great selection of bicycling books there too!