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From: "Bruce & Marie Van Remortel" <vrgeckos@ite.net>
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Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2001 18:52:42 +1000
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Subject: [CR]67 (?) Paramount on ebay **

Troy, It's especially cool how that guy has a Record rear with the letters backwards! It's for REAL baby! Not a fake. :)

Mark's JOKING I'm quite sure! Let's see what would have to be "changed/manufactured" if it were true...

1. Rear Derailleur 2. Front Derailleur 3. Braze-on (more likely bolt-on) downtube cable guides 4. Dropouts would have to be custom to get the "Brev. Campagnolo" like that on the outside also... 5. And the biggie, the freewheel!

Of course, who knows anymore after seeing that Rally/Gran Sport monster last month... Other than the fact they guy has NO eBay feedback, the guy hasn't fixed the pictures yet, and the "dents", it looks quite nice.

Regards, Bruce Van Remortel "Colorado Dreaming" Still on Andersen AFB Guam USofA Had to break up a fight between a 8 point buck and a wild lab (dogs run rampant here in the wild...) on my ride near the coast today! My Silca (non-frame fit, of course) pump was ready for defense... Always in the 80's too