Re: [CR]Proofide - how to use it?

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Subject: Re: [CR]Proofide - how to use it?
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2001 01:37:29 -0600

I use it both on the underside to keep the leather moist and supple, and on the topside to give the leather an attractive finish. I apply with a damp cloth, though if the saddle is on a bike, one usually ends up using ones fingers to work the Profhide into all the hard to reach spots on the underside. On the topside, I spread the Proofhide on the saddle with the damp cloth, then let dry 30 minutes to an hour, then buff with a clean dry cloth (old socks work pretty well). Some people seem to let the Proofhide set longer (maybe even overnight) before buffing. Many people say to use Proofhide only a few times per year, though I must admit to using it a bit more often, at least to soften a new saddle, or to try to restore a dry old one.


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Subject: [CR]Proofide - how to use it?

> Hey -- how do ya use Proofide? How much?? Does it go on the saddle or
> underneath it? I can't sleep at nite until I know!!!


> george