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Yes, I have heard this too. Like all things this is my opinion.

I would not recommend cleaning saddles that don't get used, and or those that get used lightly but for a saddle that gets ridden the problem is not necessarily dirt (which can cause problems) but sweat. Yes, all that butt sweat contains salts and these are damaging over the long haul to leather, especially if you keep sealing them in with applications of dressing.

Most saddle soap is Glycerin based and rather delicate. It's does tend to dry a bit. That is why you must use a dressing afterwards to restore the lost oils.

I like to hang out once in a while at the local saddle makers shop down the street. I like to think of us as kindred spirits. I hope someday that I am half as good with frames as he is with a hand made saddle. Truly amazing work. One of the last of his kind. The recommendations I make are what he has given me as advice to tend for my own saddle. I trust it.

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dave bohm wrote: > > In my opinion, one must occasionally clean there saddles between treatments of saddle dressing. Be it Poofhide or a traditional saddle (horse) dressing. A simple cleaning once a year with saddle soap should do it.

I have heard many times over the years that it is not a good idea to clean leather bike saddles with saddle soap as it dries out the leather too much. Maybe if you ride in muddy conditions it would be good a good idea, but I don't know why anyone would subject a good leather saddle to such abuse with so many plastic saddles available that would take such abuse with no problem.

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