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To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 11:05:33 -0500
From: "Richard M Sachs" <richardsachs@juno.com>
Subject: [CR]for sale

I'm parting out the Campagnolo Nuevo Record components from a 1976 Richard Sachs bicycle, (one owner, listed on CR yesterday. check archives...). I have been assured that this bicycle had minimal use, (less than 300 miles), and I'm convinced that all parts are in excellant mechanical condition. Because the bicycle was basement-stored, the finish on some of the parts varys. Also, though this bicycle was assembled in 1976, the dates on these parts don't match. FWIW, nobody cared about tihs stuff then, and Campagnolo didn't have a real distribution system in the U.S.A. until 1974 or so, therefore many parts available were imported before then. Here goes: 1) NR 130 shortie seatpost. 27.2......$50 2) NR front der. w/circlip. Flat cage......$50 3) NR rear der. dated 1973.....$90 4) NR Large Flange hubset. 36 hole. Straight skewers. Front locknuts say '67'. Rear locknuts say '65'. Front hub says 'Record'. Rear hub does NOT say 'Record'. Very rare......$150 5) NR standard reach brakeset. Flat qr's. Plated wheel guides The levers are the first generation brake levers, the version considered 'long reach' because they had a different radius and sat further from the bars than later versions. Very rare.....$125 6) NR crankset. Undated. Very rare.165. 42/50. All markings read 'Patent'. No toestrap rubs!......$175 7) NR 1046a bottom bracket. Italian threads.....$60 8) TA Professional water bottle cage. XLNT condition.....$25 9) Regina Oro 5speed 14-22 freewheel. Notched, not splined....$25 10) Cinelli old logo bar/stem combo. Stem is 1a size 8cm. Bars are Criterium 65, 38cm width.......$75 11) NR chrome pedal set. Not the version with the toe strap loop....$50

Here are the vital signs: The brake lever hoods are fully intact, though dry. The levers have some scratches. The rear hub had a speedo-thingy mounted and there are marks from the assembling of this device. Also, there is a small ding, 1-2mm, above one of the spoke holes. The pedal's outermost points show some rust from leaning the bike against a wall on and off all these years. Otherwise, the outward appearances of all parts listed above are in good shape. Again, this bicycle saw minimal use and these parts, except maybe the lever hoods, have alot of life left to give.

Please contact me offlist if you're interesting. I mean 'interested'. e-RICHIE Chester, CT 'getting ready for the Natz in Baltimore this week and "Operation: Kick Butt/Take Names/Get S+S Jersey"