Re: [CR]For Sale: Sugino chainrings for 3-arm Maxy

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Subject: Re: [CR]For Sale: Sugino chainrings for 3-arm Maxy
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 09:20:23 -0800

For those seeking a "vintage" appearance for their bike: An acquaintance of mine some years ago bought a shiny red Singer when he was visiting France and assembled it with 3-pin Maxy cranks to simulate the appearance of Rene Herse arms. This guy was at the time a mechanic and "Campy snob," and just wanted his new bike to look older and more French
than it really was!
David feldman
Vancouver WA

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Subject: [CR]For Sale: Sugino chainrings for 3-arm Maxy

> Hello, all!
> I asked about these Sugino chainrings recently on the list thinking that I
> might find a crank to use them with. But other things are clamoring for
> attention (the darkroom, the guitar, the car), so here they are for sale.
> They seem very hard to find, but they're certainly not the hottest items out
> there, so they're priced accordingly.
> Still, if you've got a 3-armed Sugino Maxy crank (106 BCD) on an circa 70s
> Crescent or such, and you need some new rings, these would fit the bill.
> All the rings are NOS (mint, I think, but if not, they're mighty close);
> there's one of each of the following sizes for sale:
> 56 t -- $6 (plus shipping)
> 46 t -- $6 (plus shipping)
> 42 t -- $6 (plus shipping)
> 38 t -- $6 (plus shipping)
> 34 t -- $6 (plus shipping)
> 33 t -- $6 (plus shipping)
> If you want all six chainrings, make it $34 *including* Priority Mail
> shipping . . . if you're in the US, that is!
> If you're outside the US, shipping will be higher; if you buy fewer than all
> six rings, shipping will likely be $3.95 or less via Priority Mail (or less
> if you go first class).
> If you're interested, e-mail me off list at .
> Thanks!
> nathanael dresser
> 336 e. jefferson st.
> spring green, wi 53588