[CR]Old Torpedo Duomatic 2-Speed Hubs

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From: "Paulie Davis" <paulieflt@hotmail.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 01:56:35 +0000
Subject: [CR]Old Torpedo Duomatic 2-Speed Hubs

Hi Everybody,

My husband, who must suddenly have caught the bike collecting gene from me, showed up with a matched pair of rather old (60's, 70's?) German folding bikes that he got *for a song* over the weekend while I was out playing Christmas gigs.

The bikes have been stored for many years and, apart from rusted chains to be replaced, seem to be real restorable. They have cool, very retro little plastic saddlebags, neato metal fenders and small balloon-tired wheels. And, of course, the above-mentioned torpedo duomatic 2-speed hub shifting systems. There is a loose wire on each bike that seems to lead toward the front half of the bike, but with no discernable fastening point up there. It has a loop on the end.

A quick google search showed a brief Sheldon Brown comment to a newsgroup in 1998 and 6 other sites in German. I'd be curious to hear any thoughts from esteemed listmembers about the age of these bikes and where that strange little wire might attach and what it might do.

Private replies are fine and would be appreciated. I can get some photos up in a coupla days if somebody wants to see 'em.

Thanks for your time, Paulie "Oh boy two new projects, and I already have 3 others waiting!" Davis in almost rainy Los Angeles