Re: [CR]Old Torpedo Duomatic 2-Speed Hubs

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Subject: Re: [CR]Old Torpedo Duomatic 2-Speed Hubs
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 19:15:22 -0900

All "esteemed listmembers " please respond. ;-)

John Dunn in Boise, definitely not one of those list members

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From: Paulie Davis
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Subject: [CR]Old Torpedo Duomatic 2-Speed Hubs

> Hi Everybody,
> My husband, who must suddenly have caught the bike collecting gene from me,
> showed up with a matched pair of rather old (60's, 70's?) German folding
> bikes that he got *for a song* over the weekend while I was out playing
> Christmas gigs.
> The bikes have been stored for many years and, apart from rusted chains to
> be replaced, seem to be real restorable. They have cool, very retro little
> plastic saddlebags, neato metal fenders and small balloon-tired wheels.
> And, of course, the above-mentioned torpedo duomatic 2-speed hub shifting
> systems. There is a loose wire on each bike that seems to lead toward the
> front half of the bike, but with no discernable fastening point up there.
> It has a loop on the end.
> A quick google search showed a brief Sheldon Brown comment to a newsgroup in
> 1998 and 6 other sites in German. I'd be curious to hear any thoughts from
> esteemed listmembers about the age of these bikes and where that strange
> little wire might attach and what it might do.
> Private replies are fine and would be appreciated. I can get some photos up
> in a coupla days if somebody wants to see 'em.
> Thanks for your time,
> Paulie "Oh boy two new projects, and I already have 3 others waiting!" Davis
> in almost rainy Los Angeles