[CR]Classic Rendezvous wool jersey report (Yes! There's going to be one!)

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From: <OROBOYZ@aol.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 00:49:55 EST
To: Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Classic Rendezvous wool jersey report (Yes! There's going to be one!)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the decision has been made to proceed with a unique and probably one time edition of a Classic Rendezvous wool jersey.

Herb Langston, Alex Clarke, Bob Murray, myself and have been exchanging e-mails about this for some weeks now and, with inspirational prompting from Jan Johnson, we have arrived at what I think is a dynamite design. I have published the artwork (thanks again, Herb) to the web (see below) and I submit this garment you all in hopes that we can make up an order that meets the minimums.

I should say also that this custom batch will be arranged by Alex Clarke, to be made in Italy by the Allesandro Company, of soft and itch-less pure Merino wool. The colors will be carefully selected "sepia era" hues specifically dyed for this project. The logos will be of classic embroidery, not screen printing or sublimation.

Sizing will be "classic" fit rather than skin tight. Short sleeve only.

Delivery should be in March-April, providing that the response is adequate to "start the engines" in the first place.

In researching the responses by other users of these particular garments, I called and talked to the people at River City Bike Shop in Portland Oregon. They have really enjoyed their custom Allesandro jerseys (see the design <A HREF="http://www.vintagevelos.com/jer-rivercity1.html">here</A>), having invested in both long sleeve and short sleeve versions.. The River City employee on the telephone said the wool jerseys really have proved to be year round garments with very high quality construction.

So, what the next move? To make this work we need to come up with at least 40 committed orders. Because I have to make a 50% deposit when I place the order, I am asking that you pay a deposit in advance if you want to be in on this special deal... River City sells their short sleeve for $129.99 and we also will use that price as the CR normal selling price.

But, for those of you in the vanguard, who step up to become "charter members of the CR jersey club", the introductory price will be $99.00. After this initial offering period whatever garments are available will be sold at the retail price through the CR site on a first come basis.

A $50.00 @ deposit is needed by January 15th to get this deal. If there are not enough advance sales, I will return your deposit and we will stick to tee shirts.

If you would like a CR jersey, print out the form on the page connected to the jersey art, fill in all the appropriate spaces, make out a check and mail it in. Your check will be deposited upon receipt to make up the deposit for the order. No credit cards. You have a month plus to get the deposit to me, but after that deadline, none will be sold until the order has arrived....

Now go take a look:

New <A HREF="http://www.classicrendezvous.com/CRJersey.htm">CR Jersey</A>

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