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From: "walter skrzypek" <>
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Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 11:54:04 -0500

Black Shorts...

or you could pull out those old 80s hyper gamma ray pink ones you have been waiting to don for the past decade. hey the 80s were cool, right? ------------------------------------------

Walter "I hated the 80s but I will always love cycling" Skrzypek ------------------------------------------

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&gt;Subject: [CR]re: CR Jersey comments

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&gt;Calvert commented:


&gt;&gt;--The slant of the characters varies over the length of the word in


&gt;&gt; The slant in "Classic" is consistent though.



&gt; ... just wait until some of the slanted characters on this

&gt;list put them on... ;^)


&gt; By the way, what color of lycra shorts would go with this?


&gt;Roy "fashion challenged" Drinkwater

&gt;Lititz "looks like spring again?", PA


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