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Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 18:56:36 -0500
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Thanks for the suggestion, Rick, but it may be too late- the colors are on their way to the dyers right now.

But the main reason the olive color was chosen (aside from being worn by Jacques Anquetil when he was on the Fensec team) was that it did actually harmonize better with the maroon color. Color harmony (in scientific terms) is more nearly balanced when the chroma (or saturation) of contrasting colors (like green and red) is unequal.

The maroon is highly saturated (91% magenta, 72% yellow) so I made the olive green color much less saturated. In fact, it has 0% cyan (blue). Even 10% would have created a major contrast with the maroon, and would have been, in technical terms, a major booboo.

Also, the human brain is more predisposed to variances in value contrast (darkness vs. lightness) than hue (color). Adding blue or cyan to the olive color brings it closer to the maroon in value.

However, color theory is boring for the layman, and I apologize for being technical. Keep in mind that you are not seeing the actual jersey, just a rendition of it. Keep in mind also that every color monitor displays colors different than the one right next to it. Very few people have a colorimetric analyzer to sync their monitors.

For those of you with access to a printed Pantone color guide (not a software version) you can reference these colors: Anquetil Olive = PMS118U Merckx Maroon = PMS187U Gimondi Gold = PMS129U

Buy a jersey! You'll like it, I guarantee.

Herb Langston

>Nice work on the jersey, folks, it has a great look.
>Could I suggest, however, that the olive green of the body be cooled to
>something with more blue in it like a forest green? I think it would
>harmonize better with the burgundy and yellow and still give us that
>"classic" look.
>Thanks for your consideration.
>Rick Chasteen, Kansas City
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>> The colors will be carefully selected "sepia era" hues specifically
>> dyed for this project. The logos will be of classic embroidery, not screen
>> printing or sublimation.