Re: [CR]Mystery frame on ebay

(Example: Framebuilders:Mario Confente)

Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2001 19:42:22 -0800
From: "Bill Bryant" <>
To: Jerry & Liz Moos <>
Cc: ashley hill <>,
Subject: Re: [CR]Mystery frame on ebay
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For more info on (two-wheeled) randonneuring, check out the website of Randonneurs USA at:

Bill Bryant Santa Cruz, California

Jerry & Liz Moos wrote:
> Actually, Ashley, a randonneuse is also a participant in an interesting
> branch of the cycling sport. Bicycling randonneurs (fem. randonneuses)
> participate in long distance timed but non-racing events of generally at
> least 200 km up to 1200 km. The most famous event is Paris-Brest-Paris in
> France, once a professional race, but now the ultimate amateur randonneur
> event. Some members of this list have participated on P-B-P. The world
> randonneur organization is based in Paris, but there are national
> organizations in the US, Canada, UK, and many other nations. You may wish
> to explore this additional opportunity to be a "randonneuse".


> Regards,


> Jerry Moos