Re: [CR]Hillary's track frame- NERVEX PRO LUGS?/ Hercules 3 speed hub

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Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 08:01:28 +0000
Subject: Re: [CR]Hillary's track frame- NERVEX PRO LUGS?/ Hercules 3 speed hub
From: "Hilary Stone" <>
To: feldman <>, brian blum <>, <>
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I have now checked my lug catalogues and exactly this same pattern is listed both in the Nervex list and the Prugnat list - I was careless in calling them Nervex Pro, David is quite right that they are one of the patterns of Nervex Legere lug. Prugnat simply uses a number. The Nervex Pro pattern is also included in the Prugnat catalogue I have. I will add the correction to my auction.



David Feldman wrote:
> If you look at the Velo-Retro Nervex catalog reprint, the pattern on that
> Tommy Godwin bike is available. Last year I bought several sets of those
> lugs from Ceeway and they were sold as "Nervex Legere." Question for the
> veteral framebuilders and restorers on the list: Were Nervex and Prugnat
> ever parts of the same company? Any personnel in common?

Brian Blum wrote:
>> I noticed that the track bike frame Hilliary is auctioning on EBAY has the
>> same lugs as my late 50's Hobbs Blue Riband. Hilliary says they are Nervex
>> Pro. They look very different from the two variations I have seen in the
>> past, the Paramount style and the Motobecane Jubile Style.
>> Can anyone confirm the type? The EBAY item # is 1046473311
> owTutorial=0&ed=1008559260&indexURL=0&rd=1
>> The other question I have which Sheldon probably knows is regarding 3
> speed
>> hubs. A friend of mine has a Hercules with a hub that looks to be SA but
>> says it was made by the Hercules Manufacturing Co. on it's shell, is this
>> made under license from SA? An aside, does anyone have or know where to
> get
>> white Schwinn hand grips and brake lever sleeves.